ACL Reconstruction & Recovery: 4 weeks Post Op

24 Feb

I’ve been slow in getting my updates, and so I apologize for that.  What a week it’s been.  Last week, I did some reading on another blog and was a bit disappointed that I didn’t seem to have the same speed of progress as the blogger I read.  At the time, I was 3 weeks post-op and the blogger was 4 weeks post-op.  I have to say, that extra week has made a huge difference for me.  I have greatly improved my ability in going up and down steps.  Going down has been the bigger challenge but just over the past few days it seems like I’ve made a lot of progress.  I am still very careful, and I generally go one step at a time when I am carrying the baby.

I’ve been doing more of carrying the baby the past week as well.  My wife, unfortunately, injured her back late last week and has been uncharacteristically slowed down.  Over the past 6 months, she’s pretty much been Superwoman and so it was very hard on her to be down and out.  Fortunately, I’m coming around enough that I am able to be of some help.  This would have been a disaster if it would have happened a month ago.

Last night, we tag teamed on shoveling about 6 inches of snow off of the driveway.  This is the first activity like this that I’ve done.  On one hand, it was a sad sight.  Jamie with her bad back and me with my bad knee.  But on the other hand, we’re the only ones in the neighborhood proactive (crazy) enough to be out there shoveling.  Fortunately, I didn’t fall and blow my knee out again.

Each day this week I’ve spent a minimum of 10 minutes riding my exercise bike first thing in the morning.  This has really felt nice and I think it’s help me greatly increase my ROM and bring some normalcy to the knee.  I have noticed that I’m really building up scar tissue around my incisions and have been rubbing them as frequently as possible.

On Wednesday, I had my 1 month follow up appointment with my Ortho doctor.  Everything seems to be healing as expected, range of motion is improving well, etc.  I received approval to stop wearing the brace, except for when I am near crowds or I run the risk of falling (icy sidewalks, etc.).    The key now is patience and hard work.


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